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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Star Trek's CGI Wizard Presents at Trekonderoga

Live from Germany...

Digital Imagery shares his Star Trek
work with Star Trek fans.

Tobias & his associates digitally
create Starfleet ships, layer
by layer.

The ship's shape....

Tobias' work has been used for Star Trek calendars, Star Trek book covers and creating HD animation for the Opening Event for FedCon in Germany and scenes for fan based short films. Tobias and James Cawley have collaborated on action scenes for Retro Studios's Star Trek New Voyages episodes.

The outer hull of a Starship
with details...

This CGI creation includes
interior scenes of the

Every surface of the Starship
is created in painstaking

Depending on what the specific job entails, it can take weeks to create specific views of a Starship. 

Action scenes take longer to create.  Animated models are made before the team programs the computer graphics for scenes depicted in scripts.  

The scene opens...

It comes to life in front of us.

Watching movies and TV shows just got more complex for me.


Craig MacKenna said...

Far as I know, The Light Works Digital Imagery has not contributed to any Star Wars movie or trailer. The similar company in the Star Trek creative universe is and has always been Industrial Light and Magic. Many years ago I worked for a company that made small, economical microprocessor modules. IL&M used our boards to create the special effects for the original Star Wars movies. I visited their facility in California and was stunned by how they used our fairly mundane products to do amazing things!

Ginny said...

Yes! It takes an industry to make Star Trek, the series, the movie...