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Monday, May 2, 2016

We're On Our Way Home... Northeast to Rotterdam, New York

Another early start...  At 7:40 am, we leave the Walmart parking lot in Winchester, Virginia. Traffic is moving smoothly as we approach Interstate 81.


Another giant cross. 

I think this one advertises
the nearby church.

Eric & I didn't realize that
West Virginia wraps around
northern Virginia.

I need to borrow a copy of How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein after we return to Eric's Mom's driveway to find out why West Virginia is north of Virginia.  

My pic of the Maryland
Welcomes You sign 
was blurry.  

This pic is from a previous
blog post.

It's 59 degrees outside & I'm
starting to see bug splatter
on the windshield.

Our drive through this section of Maryland was brief...  Almost a blink of the eye...

We continue our drive north
into Pennsylvania.

South Central Pennsylvania
is farm country.

The elevated limousine &
tractor trailer are great

An American flag flutters
from this Construction

It's time to fuel up &
switch drivers at the
Flying J Travel Plaza
in Carlisle.

Traffic is heavier as we travel
north in Pennsylvania.

Just tractor trailers & us...

The road shoulder is
getting "swept away." 

Three Speed Boats are 
being transported north.

So much of what we see in
stores is transported by
tractor trailers.

North... towards

Everyone moves into the left
lane to get past these large

Argh!  There's no way to
get this picture without
bug splat. 

Eric nibbles on a snack
as he drives.

Frackville...  Pennsylvania has
allowed Hydraulic Fracking to
extract Natural Gas for years.

I just like this shot of the
southbound traffic.

The New York State line
snuck up on us...

We follow Interstate 81 North
as we approach Binghamton.

Interstate 88 East "rolls
through" valleys.

This here is farm 

We take Exit 25 to New York

I unhitch our Jeep as Eric
fills our fuel tank.

I will drive to Jerry's house
& wait for him to back
into her driveway.

After hugs & kisses with Eric's
Mom, we settle ourselves in
for our visit.

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