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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Dinner Show, Music & Dancing at Randy Loren's Dolce Vita in Schenectady, New York

Eric & I are having dinner at Randy Loren's Dolce Vita
this evening.  

Tables surround the
dance floor.

The bar

Tonight's Dinner Show, America's Answer to the British Invasion, followed by dancing, brought out many sixties music lovers.

I wish I brought my 35 milometer camera to take photos tonight.  It does a much better job in low lighting.  Eric's happy that I didn't bring it. There's no room for it at our intimate table for two.

Eric bought me a corsage 
that compliments my 
dress for our date

Our appetizers: Meatballs
& Tomato Mozzarella 
Plate with a bottle of
Rosemont Estate
Diamond Label Shiraz.

Eric's entree is Beef Au Jus
topped with Crispy Onions,
Vegetables & Mashed

My Pork Loin is topped with
Mushrooms & Gravy, served
with Vegetables & Mashed

Our waitress, Beth, took a
photo for us.

Mike VanHoesen & Elaine
Williams sing a duet.

Elaine "cuts up" a bit while
singing with Randy.

The Lussier brothers wrap up
the Dinner Show with Simon
& Garfunkel songs.
 After the show ended, diners took to the dance floor to kick up their heels.  The place was rocking when Eric and I left to check out the scene at Via Port Rotterdam.

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