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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Buying New Bikes at Freemans Bridge Sports in Glenville, NY

 As they say, " The third time's the charm."  Eric and I bought single speed Panama Jack bikes at Walmart in 2012 and found that they were difficult rides in hilly areas, so we gave them away.  In 2014 we bought 18 speed bikes at Walmart so we could ride bikes in hilly areas. Going through the gears got harder because the bikes were stored outside.  (Full time, traveling RVers don't have access to storage sheds or a garage.)  After four flats in Albuquerque (Damn you Goatheads!), it became obvious that we were either going to get better constructed bikes or stop riding bikes.

Eric did hours of research on the internet.  Bikes with exterior gears need regular maintenance when kept outside.  We want bikes with internal gears.  With me in mind, he looked at bikes made for less athletic people.  I don't like to ride bikes leaning forward like a Tour de France competitor AND I like a big cushy seat.  The Townie Bike fit the criterion Eric developed for my bicycle riding comfort.

We chose Freemans Bridge
 Sports for our bike purchase.

Eric emailed several bike shops in the Capital District.  Freemans Bridge Sports sells Townie bikes and provided extra information for us to consider when making bike purchases.  A few other bike shops in the area answered Eric's email inquiry.  Unfortunately, they were intent on selling external gear bikes... not the type of bikes we were interested in.  

Freemans Bridge Sports
has bikes for all ages.

Unicycle, anyone?

Cycling Clothing, Gloves,Helmets

I like the chairs for those accompanying the shopper and the table with crayons and coloring sheets for small children.

Bike Lubricants,
 Inner Tubes,
Bike Tires  

Car Mounted Bike Racks...

We are buying the Saris 
Freedom 2 that stores
bikes separately.

Our current bike rack stores bikes without any space between them.  There have been some "bike tangling."  Somehow, we managed to bend one of the wheels on Eric's old multi-speed bike.

Eric & our bikes...

The Townie 3 Speed
Mens' Bike.

Eric test driving his bike.

We each went through the three gears while we tried out the bikes.  Seats needed to be adjusted, as it's an individual adjustment.

Putting the bikes on the
new bike rack.

This bike rack mounts through the Jeep's spare tire.

Gary inspects the mounted
bikes before we leave.

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