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Monday, May 2, 2016

Homeward Bound... Northeast to Winchester, Virginia

Eric and I left River Plantation RV Resort at 8:00 am to start our two day drive back to Rotterdam, New York.  I was concerned about driving during the morning commute hour.  Rushed morning drivers are fond of lane changes and our motorhome requires a longer distance to stop.

Traffic was light...  I am a worrier.

We drive US Route 441
 North out of Sevierville


The Antique Mall has some
interesting decorations...

Pirates, Monkeys, a Giraffe

We leave Interstate 40 East

I love taking pictures of
bridges & ramps.

Construction Cranes...

I love cranes!

Eric & I wonder if this car
& Police car were in an
accident together ...OR...

Are they just "tow buddies?"

On long drives, I spend time reading the news on my phone.  Sometimes I'm not really thinking or looking ahead for upcoming changes...


Take the pic of  the
Welcome to Virginia sign.

A lot of rock was dynamited
& trucked away before 
this road was built.

The Wytheville, Virginia
water tower

A Student Driver is getting a
lesson on highway driving.

Fueling up at the
Flying J Travel Plaza
in Harrisonburg.

So, this is what the "guts"
of a gas pump looks like.

On the road again...

Eric likes taking pics
of his feet.

This is farm country....

Cattle graze in roadside

We are 50 miles from
our overnight stop
in Winchester.

Woodstock was established
in 1732.

Utility work...

Welcome to Frederick County.

I like messages on water towers. 

This is our exit.

Dead bugs partially obstruct

Confederate General Jubal Early fought in most of the eastern battles of the Civil War, including Gettysburg and The Wilderness.

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