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Friday, May 27, 2016

Using Alternative Energy to Light & Heat Homes in Rotterdam, New York

I focus on different aspects of my mother-in-law Jerry's neighborhood on my daily walks.

This house, with solar panels
mounted on its roof, was
unique three years ago,

Now, I see a house with solar panels on nearly every street in Jerry's neighborhood.

This house is just a block
away from Jerry's.

The owners of this house
included solar panels on
their garage.

Adding solar panels to a house is a serious financial commitment.  Depending on the number of panels, wiring, battery configuration and labor, solar panel installation can cost anywhere from roughly 27,000.00 to $44,000.00, or more.  A Federal tax deduction, the New York State rebate, municipality and/or utility rebate and/or property tax exemptions can cut the initial cost by thousands. Do you want solar panels and the ability to use alternative energy to light and heat your house, but the up front costs are too high?  Solar panel installations can now be leased.  

Others in Jerry's neighborhood are finding alternative energy a viable option for their homes.

Solar panels are most
efficient when placed
on the south side of
a house.

I turn the corner & find
another home with
solar panels mounted
on its roof.

The solar panel installation is
individual to each house.

The goal is to produce as
much electricity as possible
from solar power to cut the
electric bill costs.

Solar panels on homes
are becoming


Whether purchased or leased,
more & more people are choosing
to use alternative energy to
light & heat their homes.

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