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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Visiting the Hampton Museum & Visitors Center in Hampton, South Carolina

The Bank of Hampton
was built in 1892.

It now houses the Hampton
Museum & Visitors Center.

The people working are enthusiastic ambassadors to Hampton County.

Hampton is very proud
of its Watermelon

Previous Watermelon
Festival programs.

Donated gowns from
former Watermelon
Festival Queens

The museum has genealogical information.

This flagged map shows
cemeteries in Hampton

The former bank's safe
was locked for years.

It took a locksmith 14
hours to open it & it will
 NEVER be closed again.

This computer goes
back a few years.

Check out the size of
this floppy disc!

This eclectic museum was fun to explore.  The Hampton brochure helped me identify buildings in downtown Hampton.

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