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Friday, March 6, 2015

Riding Our Bikes on the North Augusta Greenway

Another beautiful day, another bike ride....  Today we are biking in North Augusta.

After meandering through
a suburban neighborhood,
we pass a series of 
baseball fields.

We are parking at
Riverview Park.

North Augusta has an
amazing Activity

This building is so big that I had to check North Augusta's demographics....  As of 2010, the population is 21,348.  It's obvious that the Parks and Recreation Department is very well funded.  

The North Augusta Greenway
is paved, all the way.

The Greenway Restrooms
are over that-a-way.

A Volleyball Court & 
the Soccer Complex 
are nearby.

The bike trail follows an
old railroad bed.

The Savannah River &
Augusta in the distance.

Large homes face
the river.

This pavilion has a

The trail goes under a

I think it's Interstate 20.

The Baynham's Family's
Pottery Pug Mill was in
use from 1907 to 1977.

Pottery was made in this area for many years.

Just up the hill from us is
the South Carolina State
Line & the Welcome to
South Carolina sign.

The North Augusta
Greenway sign is on
a set of train wheels.

Eric enters the tunnel
under the highway.

I think this auger is
being used to drill
holes for pylons.

A restful lovely spot
to stop for a few

We're headed toward
another highway

Water fountains are
a welcome sight.

This bridge spans
the highway.

Pisgah Road is our
turn around spot.

Today's ride was 12.5 miles long.  I'm ready for lunch!

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