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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Riding Bikes on the Sawmill Trail in Summerville, South Carolina

Eric studies the map of
the Sawmill Trail in

This is a multi- use

This area has instructions
& simple equipment

his mate

Benches with a trash
& recycle can

This is one of the recent upgrades to the Sawmill Trail.

W can't go under
this bridge.

Eric & I are diverted
to a local road.

The trail curves as it follows
the Sawmill Branch Canal.

This Muscovy Duck waddled 
over to us, expecting a snack.

We followed the trail
under a bridge.

These utility poles were
treated with Chemthane.

The treatment creates the
poles' rusty appearance.

I think the the "rusty" look blends into the surrounding area.  Some people complain that this type of power pole is unsightly.

Another bridge to cross.

A different set of circuit
exercises is available
to trail users.

This 13 mile trail is very flat.  The only challenges are crossing roads... Some of them are heavily trafficked.

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