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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sipping Moonshine at Lucky Duck Distillery in Yessamee, South Carolina

While driving through Yemassee,
Eric & I see the sign for
Lucky Duck Distillery.

The paneled walls, stuffed ducks
 & mismatched furniture give
 the Distillery a backwoods

Granddad's still sits
in the corner.

A cat wanders in & claims

Eric and owner,Chase Flowers,
talk about Moonshine & the
distillery business.

Chase was 22 when his license to distill alcohol was approved, making him the youngest distiller in the country.  He opened the Lucky Duck Distillery in January, 2014.  This building was in the family for generations...  It belonged to Chase's grandfather.  

The magic happens here:  The still and mash are in the adjacent room.

Grains are soaking.

Old, sheer curtains cover
the mash, keeping flies
out of the mix.

Chase poured samples for us.  I was surprised at how smooth and flavorful this Moonshine is.

We bought a bottle,
just for sipping...

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