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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Driving Northeast to Walterboro, South Carolina

This four lane intersection
includes railroad tracks,
barriers & lights.

Today's drive takes us

Since I found out that
nuclear materials was
fabricated in this area,
all manufacturing looks
suspiciously nuclear
to me.

The Williston Water Tower
needs some fresh paint.

An island of trees in
a sculpted pond.

Early spring is tree
trimming time.

Blackville was established
 in 1837.

championships in 2005, 
2006 & 2007.

I think this house was the
 inspiration for Oliver & Lisa
 Douglas' house on the
TV series, Green Acres.

A reminder that this is
"Termite Country."

Denmark's Water Tower
is in serious need of
a new paint job.

Eric & I have seen a lot
of Gourd Birdhouses in
the Carolinas & Georgia.

Purple Martins nest
in them.


One dropped trailer & a
dump truck with an ad
that reads "Houses For
Sale & Rent" with a
phone number.

Eric turns onto South

Smoke billows from a
brush pile just off
the road.

This section of road has been
 adopted by SCBNCP Crime

 And... Litter Trashes

We arrive at Shuman's
R.V. Trailer Park.

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