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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Blustery Day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Eric & I walk the
Beach on a cold,
 windy day.

The area near the 2nd
construction zone.

The 2nd Avenue Pier
juts out into the 

This section of the Boardwalk
is concrete.

Hotels line the Boardwalk
near the 2nd Avenue Pier.

Public access to the

Cranes are positioned
on the pier.

The one on the far end
is driving a pylon.

Elvis lent his name to the

Eric "supervises" a
construction job.

Just kidding....  I like to think that Eric misses his time working at New York State Department of Transportation.

The Boardwalk is closed for the construction project.  We have to walk along the street for several blocks before returning to it.  This has not been a good day for walking near the beach.

This section of Broadway
has shops & restaurants.

The carousel dominates
the Boardwalk.

Tall hotels line this
section of Broadway.

A synagogue

I didn't realize when I snapped
 this pic of the Carolina Opry
sign that the electronic sign
 is listing information
upside down.

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