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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota

Eric saw a flier for the SPAM Museum  at the Winnebago Visitor's Center in Forest City, Iowa.  It's just one hour away in Austin, Minnesota.  Eric and I weren't planning on going to Minnesota this time of year.  But the weather has been warm.  Today it's 66 degrees, cloudy and damp.  No hint of snow or ice in the immediate forecast. Hey Bette, we made it to your home state and it's not even cold!

The lady at the entry showed
 us where to park.

The pigs are
well behaved.

SPAM spans the globe.

So much

I love the doors!
So piggy like.

The homage to
Dinty Moore Stew.

Hormel Chili.
Has anyone
tried this?

How SPAM helped
us win the war.

Mont Python SPAM
skit runs on a loop.

The Menu at the Green Midget Cafe

We bought one of each
of the 11 varieties of SPAM
at the museum.

We got a few things for our grand baby to be and for Adam.  Nuff said. 


Kourtney Brauer said...

Fun fact about SPAM! Almost 7 million can of SPAM are consumed each year in the state of Hawaii alone. Hawaii is so dedicated to this food that every year Waikiki has a celebration called SPAM Jam and there is a Miss SPAM crowned. They also have their own creation called SPAM Misubi. It is pretty much SPAM, rice and nori (seaweed) wrapped together. If you ever go to Maui the Pukalani Superette has the best SPAM Misubi!

Ginny said...

Hi Kourtney! Now I have more reasons to talk Eric into going to Hawaii. I look forward to the SPAM Fest at Waikiki.