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Friday, October 26, 2012

Godfather's Pizza in Springfield, Ilinois

After Eric and I visited the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, we stopped at Godfather's Pizza on South Dirksen Parkway.

Godfather's Pizza is a franchised business.  This restaurant has been in  business 
on this site for 32 years.  The owners have another shop in Springfield 
and others in Chatham and Decatur.

Decor varies

 according to location

Mike, Frankie and Josh were very welcoming.  Frankie helped us make some choices... 
The menu goes on and on........

Garlicky Italian
Monkey Bread
With Sauce

I chose the Mini
All Meat Combo

Eric decided on the
Mini Taco Pizza

Thank you, Herman Cain for running as a Republican Primary
Candidate earlier this year.  It would have taken me longer
to discover Godfather's Pizza on my own.

 Fundraising Opportunity

Try them, try them.... You'll see there's lots to choose from and it's yum!

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