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Friday, July 31, 2020

Shopping @ Mignosi's Super Foodtown in E. Stroudsburg, PA

It all started at The Piggly Wiggly in Manchester, Alabama...  I developed a fascination with grocery stores and supermarkets.  During my travels across the United States and in Canada, I've visited many markets, taken pictures, and written blog posts on no frills Grocery Store, Publix, Kroger, HY-Vee, Giant...

Today I am exploring Mignosi's 
Super Foodtown in East

The Produce Department
is huge!

fresh baked has lots
of yummy choices.

Breads and Rolls is next
to baked confections.

SEAFOOD Selections

Cookies, Snacks, Crackers,

Fine Food Market includes
the Deli & Gourmet

Tuna, Mac & Cheese,
Olives, Pickles &

Soaps, Cleaners, Automotive,
Bug Sprays & Detergents

There are three different flooring treatments in this store.

Staff is tending to the
Meat & Poultry

Dog, Cat, Bird Food &
Assorted Pet Supplies

Cereals, Granola Bars &
Hot Cocoa

Household Cleaners
& Supplies

The Paper Products Aisle is empty.

The Frozen Food Aisle

Butcher Shoppe

Baby Food, Formula, Baby Wipes,
Diapers, Cotton Balls, Canned &
Dried Fruits

The Candy Aisle

Select Dairy

Creamery Corner

Dairy Barn

Cow Crossing

The Dairy Section covers a lot of wall space.

Bread Crumbs, Bread
& Rolls

Hot Dinners & Cold
Prepared Foods

Mignosi Bistro & Beer has
To Go Foods & Beer

 I meet Eric in front of the Checkouts.

Mignosi's Super Foodtown
Disposable Masks for sale.

This is an important &
necessary product at
this time.

Mignosi's Super Foodtown has just about anything anyone would need.  Because it's close to Timothy Lake South Campground, Eric and I will return when we need fresh fruits and veggies.

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