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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Goin' Down to Yasgur's Farm... in Bethel, New York

Eric & I travel country roads...

... Woodstock is thataway...

An artful Dove sits on a
pedestal at a small park
in Eldred.

A Dove was used on Woodstock Music Festival advertisements in 1969.  Billed as Three Days of Peace and Music, the Festival drew 400,000 plus people.

Through open fields....

...& pass Carol's Dream

Another artistic Dove

Sullivan County hosts 45 artistic Doves

This Cairn includes a

This VW Bus is adorable!

I'm going to join in a rock n roll band...

Eric & I stop at Woodstock Oasis
Country Store & Post Office.

                                         I mail a letter at the Post Office, on the left.

The souvenirs take me back
to 1969.

This section of Sullivan
County has many farms.

This Hippie Muffler Man wears
 a tie-dyed shirt & jeans.

Yasgur's Barn is in the distance.

Eric turns right onto

We drive on the private road to see...

... Historic Signs
at the Farm.

Max Yasgur leased his Farm to Woodstock Ventures for The Woodstock Festival in 1969.   He and his wife, Miriam, were met with local controversy and catapulted into history. 

Following Max's death,
Miriam sold the farm,
minus 1 square foot, to
keep this historic place
in the Yasgur Family.

We are stardust
Eric and I were in our tweens when Woodstock Music Festival occurred.  We grew up watching the iconic performances of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Joan Baez, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and many others... a pantheon of performers from this era.  

Why have the three days at Woodstock become a historic touchpoint?  The Festival was an earnest attempt to live the beliefs of peace. love and understanding.  The enormous group of strangers came together to enjoy music, free love, and lots of drugs.  During the Festival, attendees looked out for each other's wellbeing, banded together to feed their fellow audience members, provide First Aid assistance... 

Many aspects of the three days at Yasgur's Farm did not go well.  Some could say Woodstock '69 was three days of out of control hedonism.  And, the legend of peace, love, and understanding lives on...

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