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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Silent Valley Club, 4 1/2 Years Later

Silent Valley Club is 8.5
miles south of Banning
at about 4,000 feet

The Security Booth hasn't

This sprawling Club with 850 campsites needs a First Aid Station, especially in the summer, when many are escaping the heat at the foot of the mountain.

They're sticking to the Barn
Red color scheme for
the buildings.

Locals come to the Watering
Hole in the evenings.

The Chuck Wagon is
the Club's restaurant.

The General Store is
well stocked.

The Crafts Building is
closed in December.

The Playground hasn't moved
from the old cistern.

I am using the Laundry 
Facilities during this 

The machines are 
coin operated.

Last time I had a Splendide Washer/Dryer in the motorhome.  It died in February 2016.  Eric and I removed it and Eric created extra storage space.

I just read an Opinion Piece from
an RVer complaining about
unlevel campsites in Family RVing.

He'd have access to more wooden
blocks at Silent Valley Club
to level his motorhome.

More than likely, the disgruntled RVer would avoid Silent Valley Club.  Using a second two-inch high block is bothersome to him.  A third block may be beyond what he feels is safe for leveling his motorhome.

Mini Golf

The Family Center

The Adult Center

The nearby Swimming Pools
are closed this time of year.

There are more RVers here in December than there was in February 2014.  Not much has changed here.

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