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Monday, December 17, 2018

Exploring Wilderness Lakes RV Resort & Campground in Menifee, California

Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes
Resort & Campground has over
500 campsites & cabins.

The Security Station is the
hub of information at this

Besides Registration, RVers pick up their Priority Mail and Packages here at a cost of $2.00 per package.  Outgoing mail is collected here.  A bulletin board lists important campground information.

The Family Lodge houses a Large
Meeting Room, Kitchen, Kids Room
Payphones, & the Activities Office.

The Kitchen has a window that opens onto the Patio.  Campers enjoy a limited Food & Drink Menu on the weekends.

It's closed on Saturday

The Activities Office
includes the Library, 
which is also closed.

This is the first campground Eric and I have ever stayed at that locks up its Library.

The Family...

... Pools.

This small pool is
one foot deep.

The Spa/Hot Tub is nearby.

The Fire Pit, with bench seating

The Bulletin Boards have information
on local wildlife.

Children at one of the
 two Playgrounds

The Country Store has an
adjacent parking lot for
the public to park in while

The Fitness Center has a
Universal Machine,
Treadmills & Ellipticals.

This large Gazebo can
seat at least 40 people.

The Adult Lodge shares space with
the campground's Business &
 Thousand Trails Membership
 Sales Offices.

Adults and Wilderness Lakes RV Resort have access to a Meeting Room with Coffee Pots, TV Viewing Room, and Jigsaw Puzzle Room.  

Horseshoe Pits

The Adult Swimming Pool
is currently closed.

The Volleyball Court is
under renovation.

The Laundry is open from 
6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The machines take quarters...
$1.50 per washer & dryer

A Tent Site

Wilderness Lakes' water is
actually canals that meander
in the campground.

One of the Camp Roads 
filled with RVs.

This is a very popular RV Park.  Empty campsites are quickly occupied by incoming RVs.

This Fifth Wheel has a parade
of inflatable Christmas

Our neighbor's Mexican
Skull is beautiful.

I stop to admire this older

Throughout the years, the exterior design of the trailer remains the same.  The interior is updated over time to include space-saving innovations and the latest amenities.

One of the Cabins available
to visitors.
Overall, I am pleased with Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes RV Resort.  Weekly Activity Sheets provide the time and location for Bingo, Water Aerobics, Craft Sharing Time, etc. 

I wish that the Library was more accessible to campers.  I cherish the ability to stop at a Campground Library morning, noon or night in search for a new read.  Campground Libraries across the country benefit from the donations of my recently completed books for others to enjoy.

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