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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Driving Though the Mountains to Borrego Springs, California

A foggy morning....

We drive on wet twisting
mountain roads in a
light rain.

I enjoy the changing leaves.

I do miss the autumn colors of Upstate New York.

Bits of blue invade the
cloudy sky.

The tighter mountain turns
are labeled for drivers.

The clouds are thinning as Eric
& I drive through rocky
terrain with sparse vegetation.

I wonder if this is the road where
the car chase occurred in It's A 
Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

I wonder if this is where
off the road in an early
scene in the movie.

I want a Dash Cam....

This children's song comes to mind:

A bicyclist is scaling 
the mountain.

Civilization siting below...

Yet another tight turn through
the mountains.

We are finally driving on the
valley floor.

We are visiting friends, Dave &

George, Eric's Bobby Bear, Eddie &
their stuffed friends pose on the
hood of our Jeep.
This is a special reunion for Bobby, George and Eddie.  The two vagabond bears welcomed Bobby when he came out of the closet in September 2014.

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