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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Found: Walkabout With Wheels Blog On Other Websites

Occasionally a Walkabout With Wheels Blogpost will have hundreds of viewings. I wonder why this would happen on a Blog that has no advertisements.  Eric solved this mystery with an internet search.  Here's a handful of websites that include links Walkabout With Wheels Blogpsts or have used photos and listed our blog as their source.

This photo from our October 
Oregon  showed up on the
promote public art in the City.

 included our 
February 14, 2015 visit to 
Savannah on its website.

FoodYas has a page dedicated to the former Tick Tock Tavern in Colonie, New York, in my old neighborhood.  

A blogpost I wrote that includes
Tick Tock was included.

Sometimes pictures from Walkabout With Wheels Blog are used on websites and the blog is cited as the picture's source.  I appreciate seeing my photos credited.

The included this photo
 & others on their Farm fresh

My photo from a visit to
 Iowa was used in an

Three photos from Walkabout With Wheels Blog are found on's Rotterdam Mall Store Page.

Here's my favorite shot:

Eight photos from numerous 
blogposts are available for 
download at's
page about Beer Belly's Adult

Finding our blogposts and photos on other websites, with attribution, shows that others working on topics of interest are thorough and show where the information they are sharing originated.  I do the same when I am writing posts about our travels and interests.

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