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Monday, December 31, 2018

Off-Roading Near Coachella Valley Vista Point

Eric and I left Coachella Valley Vista Point and continued our drive west on California State Route 74.  We found a dirt road with no signs near the pavement.  Let's go explore....

As we climbed upward there
were no signs & no
locked gates.

Pretty close to the top
of the world...

The dirt track winds around
large rock formations.


Sadly, you'll hear that
I am a scardy-cat.

It's been years since Eric and I have done any serious off-roading and I have to "toughen up."

We're on the edge....

I'm nervous.
Eric drives on....

There's more mountain up there.

We don't have our hiking gear
with us.

Eric turns around &
we retrace our drive.

California State Route 74
is on the left.

Agave & low growing brush

There's a rougher track
to the right.

Eric turned the steering
wheel to the right

A rocky outcrop

A hiker, in the distance,
 is exploring the rest of
the mountain. 

Looking north, toward
Palm Desert.

Today's off-road adventure is
coming to an end...

Mile Marker 87.26

As we drive west, Eric and I will look for Smiler's Point, where Smiler Grogan (Jimmy Durante) failed to negotiate a curve and "sailed right out there" in Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

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