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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Looking for the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California

While making a list of things to do in Banning, Eric found the Museum of Pinball.  We were both excited to visit it after listening to a Stuff You Should Know Podcast on PinballFor many years it was illegal in New York City and other cities across the country.

While planning our visit to the Museum, the website led to unexpected information.  The Museum of Pinball isn't open on a regular basis.  Eric and I will not be in Banning for the next event on January 19, 2019.

Here's the Museum of Pinball, on
 the corner of South Hathaway &
 East Barbour Street.

Very understated....

As we drive around the corner,
staring at what looks to me like
warehouse, Eric spots this
small sign.

Cocktail Service Window

We stop the car and look for more clues about what's inside.

Welcome To
Pinball Madness

Haunted Maze

The Museum of Pinball will stay on our Travel List.  We may be able to match another visit to the area with a scheduled event.

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