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Monday, December 31, 2018

A Drive to Coachella Valley Vista Point in Desert Palm, California

This section of the road is the
Roy Wilson Memorial

This long line of cars parked just off the road is probably for a trailhead.  Usually, there's a parking lot to accommodate hikers.

Across the road is the Santa Rosa &

The Visitor Center is closed
because of the current
Government Shutdown.

This sign alerts drivers to
Bighorn Sheep in the area.

The road twists & turns.

We are entering a Rock Slide

This sharp bend has a
30 mile per hour
speed limit.

The opening scene of Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World was filmed here.

The road ahead.

Eric set up today's
road trip.

A section of the road we've
driven on in the right
middle of the photo.

Rounding one of the
many curves...

.... that goes on....

That's Palm Desert in
the distance. 

More curves....

An upcoming sharp bend

Cars heading west.

The mountain in the distance
is dusted with snow.

The road ahead was carved
out of the mountainside.

A hairpin turn up ahead

Eric & I arrive at Coachella
Valley Vista Point.

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