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Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Woodworking Project @ Tropic Winds RV Resort in Harlingen, Texas

I joined the Woodworking Group at Tropic Winds RV Resort on a whim.  What kind of project should I make?  My inspiration came from memories of Eric's Cub Scout Den's woodworking projects.  I decided to make a two piece, self supporting Christmas Tree.

I printed off templates
from the internet &
make cardboard
copies that will be
easily traced.

With paper templates in hand, Eric and I set off for Home Depot.

I selected the
 straightest piece
of Pine in the
Lumber Aisle.

There's way more wood here than I need for one tree.  I'll make a tree for my grandson, Sean, too.  With enough There's still enough lumber for more Christmas Trees.  I'll make as many trees as possible and offer the ones I don't need to Tracy, the Activities Director, as Door Prizes for upcoming holiday events.

The traced Christmas Trees
remind me of setting out
a pattern for a sewing

I will use the Miter Saw, set at
90 degrees to cut one set of
tree pieces at a time.

I find it easy to handle the small
 piece of wood as I use the Band
Saw to make the many cuts in
each piece of my Christmas Tree.

I clamp a piece of
tree to a work bench
& use a heavy file
to sand the
interlocking slots.

The Christmas Tree in the foreground has been sanded and fits together to make a self supporting decoration.

I use sand paper to
 smooth each side of
the slot on each
Christmas Tree piece.

I do a lot of sanding to make the two pieces of Christmas Tree fit together.

I carefully apply
the spray paint...

My first Christmas Tree.

Sean's Christmas Tree
is packed & ready to
be mailed.

It rained yesterday and today is cool and damp.  I am hoping for less humidity tomorrow so I can paint the remaining trees.

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