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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lunch @ smoke The Restaurant in Downtown San Antonio

Eric found a Groupon for
smoke The Restaurant.

He & I checked out smoke's menu & are excited
 to try their Barbecue and Beef Ribs.

The entryway is

The Street Level Dining
Area is simply furnished.

The Bartender is
ready to serve...

The Menus we are given don't have the items on smoke's website.  Eric and I are disappointed, yet have a Groupon to use.

Eric chooses Smokey & the Bandit:
Smoked Brisket with Housemade
Beef Sausage with BBQ Beans &
Fried Brussels Sprouts

I chose "It's Only A Rump Shaker:"
Pulled Pork, Bacon & Beef Sausage
Topped with Slaw, Onions & Pickles.

The Brisket isn't as tender as what Eric and I had at B & B Smokehouse.  The Beef Sausage is very good.  My Pulled Pork was chunky, and dry.  Eric's Fried Brussels Sprouts were burnt.  We both liked the BBQ Beans and my French Fries.

The combination of flavors in my "It's Only a Rump Shaker" compliment each other very well.

This is our first ever order
of Burnt Ends.

Once cut off and tossed, Burnt Ends have become a sought after Barbecue treat.   They were delicious, but not as tender as we had hoped.

Settling the bill was interesting.  The amount of our Groupon was not deducted from our check and we were not charged for Eric's meal and the Burnt Ends.  All in all, our experience at smoke The Restaurant did not live up to our expectations after reading over their website.

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