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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Visitors are encouraged to sit in a 2018 Corvette and have pictures taken.

My jacket matches
the car.

The museum is raffling off a 2018 Corvette.  For just $10.00, you can live your dream.

The man behind the Corvette:

The Fiberglass body
of an early Corvette.

In the upper left, two women are holding one of the larger Fiberglass parts, showing how lightweight the body of Corvettes are.

1954 Corvette

I love this sporty little car and its slightly finned rear.

The child's model 
is sooo cute!

 A Corvette gets gas
while two others
are serviced at a


The line up of

This 1966 Corvette
has been modified
for racing..

was built as part of
an aerodynamics

Features of this car are used in the 1973 and 1974 Corvette models.

You can see the
sleek front end
in this 1974

Forty-three were produced that year.  This car featured the first LED instrument panel.  The one piece sheet molded body panel eliminated body seams.  Magnesium/Aluminum metals made the 1983 model lightweight and reduced undercarriage corrosion.

was the Official
 Pace Car at the

Do you see the yellow and red tapes on the floor at the rear tire of this car?  This gallery at the National Corvette Museum gained international attention after the floor fell away on February 12, 2014 and eight cars disappeared.

A sinkhole had opened up and the cave beneath this section of the building was exposed.

The floor of this
section of the
 museum is marked
with tapes showing
the edges of the
cave & the sinkhole.

The National Corvette
Museum added a
display exploring the
Cave In.
Detailed displays explain the underground geology beneath this building, where the eight cars fell and how they were removed from the 30 foot deep hole.

These two cars of the eight cars that fell into the hole were hard to find...

went missing after
 the floor fell away.

The whereabouts
of this 2009 
Corvette were
unknown after
the collapse.

Probing rods and metal detectors were used to find these two cars.  They were the last two cars removed from the sinkhole.

While the damaged Corvettes were being removed from "the pit," plans were being developed to fill in the cave; test for stability of the filled in pit and repair the floor of this display space.

Two years later, on February 12, 2016, this section of the National Corvette Museum reopened, with the Cave In Display.

Corvette cars & the museum
 continue  their "drive" into
the future..

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