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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Feeding Wild Deer @ Thousand Trails Medina Lake RV Campground

Eric and I were told that Deer at Medina Lake RV Campground eat dried corn.  Eric bought two large bags, and we went in search of Deer with appetites at 4:00 pm.  Deer are active at dawn and dusk, and dusk is coming...

Deer graze right next to
a campstie.

This Buck stops &
poses for me.

A Doe strolls across the
campground's road.

Eric shakes dried corn
in a cup & more
Deer appear.

Eric watches them eat
from a paper bowl.

Three Deer eat corn while
two stand on guard.

My favorite shot of a
Deer, so far....

Deer near Lake Medina

Eric sits quietly, jiggles
the corn laden cup...

He offers corn to an
interested Doe.

as Eric watches.

Ducks come to eat the
corn that Eric tossed to
the ground.

A hungry Doe nibbles

He offers corn, in his hand,
to the Doe.

The Doe eats from Eric's
hand as he strokes her
muzzle with his thumb.

Deer at a nearby

Another favorite shot

The Sun sets as Eric &
I walk back to our

Oh Deer!  This has been a wonderful experience.

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