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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tasting Corsair's Distillery's Unique Spirits in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Eric and I worked up a thirst during our visit to the National Corvette Museum.

Eric is ready to
proceed at
Corsair Distillery.

I love the merchandise

Everything is set up to
draw the eye to the
 Corsair Spirits bottles.

A comfy couch &
chairs welcome
visitors to sit, sip
& converse...

The bottles of
Spirits in front 
of the kegs is a 
strong message...

Their products are hand crafted.

Southern Living featured
Corsair Distillery &
their love of craft

What's up with the stairs
to the lower level?

The wood floors are

Corsair Distillery is located in the former Pushin Building, Bowling Green's largest department store during the early and mid 1900s.

Eric & Steve are deep
in conversation.

Aaron Marcum, Head Distiller, schools me on Corsair Distillery's approach to distilling Spirits.  It's creative...  The Spirits are distilled with in a variety of styles.... Genever Malted Gin is distilled in the Dutch Style.  Quinoa Whiskey is made with distilled Quinoa and Malted BarleyHibiscus flowers add color to their Red Absinthe.

Creating the unexpected is what this distillery is all about...  The Vanilla Bean Vodka is the result of a great pairing.  Spiced Rum also describes what's going on, and it's delicious.

I wander through the
Distillery's welcoming
spaces while Eric

Eric's choices are:  

Spiced Rum &...

... Vanilla Bean Vodka

Excellent choices for sitting and sipping....

Thank you Aaron and Steve for your hospitality and expertise.  Skoal!

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