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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Road Less Traveled in Mammoth Cave National Park

Our drive from Mammoth Cave
just got interesting...

Our GPS prompted Eric to turn
up this gravel road.

This is  pleasant break
from paved roads.

Eric and I love off-roading and the Southwest offers many opportunities to leave pavement.  Any Eastern US gravel or dirt road experience delights us.

The view from my
side window.

This section of road parallels the side of the hill.

As Eric goes up the hill,
we move away from
the hillside.

The dappled sunlight
amplifies the stillness

The curves are easy to

Eric, a former hunter, saw a male
Deer with a good sized rack.

It's grey coat blended well
with the forest.
I didn't see the Deer.  By the time Eric gave me directions to hone in on the moving Deer,
it was gone.

The  driver's side off the road
is densely treed.

We approach pavement...

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