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Sunday, April 7, 2013

North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer: The Pre Motorized Years

Eric & I met Fred & Phyllis

The office of the Transportation
Museum is in an old railroad

The Transportation Museum is on the grounds of the Southern Railway's Spencer Shops, a major steam locomotive repair facility.  There's a lot to see in the four exhibit buildings.  

Our tour started with
the simplest vehicles made
in this country.

This 1860s bicycle was known
as a boneshaker.

This wagon was made by the
George E. Nissen Co., Salem, NC
 in the 1890s.
It was used to haul goods.

This Brewster Carriage was made in 
New York, N.Y.
Referred to as a landau, it was used
 by the more affluent for driving
 to events.

This Top Buggy was made by
Golden Eagle Buggy Co, in
Atlanta, GA.
This carriage was popular in
rural areas.

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