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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Today's Drive West to Coralville, Iowa

Driving on Interstate 80 West.

It's rare to see a large sign
knocked down on an

Eric tells me about charts that have been developed at New York State's Department of Transportation to ensure that the posts are sturdy enough and long enough to keep large signs upright and providing drivers with information.  Heavy winds or an accident can snap a support post and bring down a sign.

      This is a pleasant surprise...  Brightly colored TV Satellite Dishes decorate the fence.

A detour off of Interstate 80
brings us onto the Ronald

Reagan regularly passed
through the City of Princeton
on his way to & from college
in Eureka.

Here's another "bridge in a bag."

Wind Turbines are common
in the Midwest.

Public Safety Is In Your Hands
Wash Them Often

The Stay at Home Order in Illinois is in effect until May 30.  On May 1st face coverings are required in public where 6-foot distancing isn't possible.  There is a phased-in reopening of State Parks.  Other businesses are allowed to reopen following strict rules to keep employees and the public safe.

The bridge over the
Mississippi River

The People Of Iowa Welcome You

US Route 61 South will take
Eric & me to Riverside.

Many schools across the US
consist of the original building
& low slung additions

The extra classrooms were built in the 1950s to accommodate the massive increase of post World War II Baby Boom students.

WelcomeTo Riverside
"Where The Trek Begins"

This is the future birthplace
of Star Trek's Captain 
James Tiberius Kirk.

Eric arranged to have our mail sent to General Delivery at the Riverside Post Office.  We will visit the Star Trek displays that are easily seen from the street.  The Star Trek Museum is closed because of Covid-19 Restrictions.  We will return to see the Museum at another time.

Our drive continues on

This large dump truck throws
up lots of dust along the
unpaved frontage road.

I love road construction
& giant cranes.

The Coralville
Water Tower

There's a Low Clearance
 structure here.

We find a driveway without
a barrier & find a place to
 park for the night.

We overnight at the Walmart
north of Interstate 80.

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