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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Our Return Visit to JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, Indiana

Eric & I had our Norcold
Refrigerator converted from
the standard Absorption
cooling system to a 110 Volt
last October.

We were having trouble maintaining the correct temperatures in our refrigerator's freezer. Eric called JC Refrigeration to report what was going on with our freezer.  The verdict was that the cooling system was low on Freon. They sent us a can of Freon with a hose and adapter so Eric could add more. 

He installed the adapter on the short tube sticking out of the compressor and added Freon. The freezer temperature did get within the expected range, -5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but it didn't maintain that temperature range for more than a few days. 

In a followup phone call, it was recommended we return to JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, Indiana so they could do a free check of the cooling system.

Eric pulls the motorhome
into a work bay.

The Compressor will be
checked & the Freon
Lines will be examined
for leaks.

The adapter Eric
installed was replaced
with a Shrader Valve.

The freezer has been maintaining the correct temperature range ever since this latest visit.  Thank you J.C. Refrigeration for fixing our cooling system.

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