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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Riverside, Iowa: The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk

Welcome To Riverside
Where The Trek Begins

Eric had  our mail sent to Riverside, the Future Birthplace of Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk, so we could walk around the City and see the public Star Trek displays.  When he called the Post Office to get the General Delivery address, Eric spoke with a gentleman who volunteers at the Star Trek Museum, which is closed because of Covid-19.

of Capt. Kirk

Early 20th Century architecture
on Riverside's West First Street.

Beam Me Up

A Casey's General Store/
Gas Station & Grain

Live Long
& Prosper

Mr. Spock's
Vulcan Salute

Gardens bloom on side streets.

City Hall

Captain James T. Kirk
is memorialized

The USS Riverside NC-1818
sits in front of The Voyage

We'll visit during our next
trip to Iowa.

 at New Image Salon

Eric and I walk down the alley to the backyard.

The Official Marker:

Riverside Iowa
Future Birthplace of
Captain James T. Kirk
March 22, 2228

Space The Final
These Are The
Of The Starship

Eric & I walk to the
Post Office to get
our mail.
The Postal Clerk was expecting us and we were directed to the Star Trek Museum for a private tour. OMG!

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