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Monday, September 26, 2016

Sampling 1857 Potato Vodka at Barber's Farm in Middleburgh, New York

Eric and I took a drive to Middleburgh on a sunny Sunday to sample 1857 Spirits potato vodka at Barber's Farm Stand.  The family has been farming in this fertile region of the state since 1857.

1857 Spirits has a tasting
room at the Barber's
Farm Stand.

The idea of using potatoes that aren't considered "pretty enough" to be sold at the Farm Stand for vodka isn't a new one.  About four years ago family members took a vodka-making class.  Twenty-four year old Elias, a 6th generation Barber, returned to the farm with his plant biology degree from Cornell University and began learning the process of distilling vodka.

Pumpkins & flowers
 flank the family

1857 Spirits tasting
room is next to the
farm stand.

After an apprenticeship and much research, Elias started distilling 1857 potato vodka.  The "ugly" potatoes come from nearby fields.  The water is supplied from a spring on the farm.

In October 2015 the tasting room opened and vodka sales began.  Just eleven months later, 1857 Spirits are available in liquor stores in the Hudson Valley and Manhattan.  

Eric & I are greeted by one
 of the Barber cousins.

Photos of the farm
& the distillery are
displayed above
1857 Tee Shirts
& Hats

Elias, the family's Vodka
 Distiller, is in the photo
 on the right.

We bought a bottle of
1857 Potato Vodka,
signed by Elias. 

It has a light caramel smell, is smooth, with a light smokey flavor.

The Barber family is very proud of their accomplishment.

1857 Spirits' story is on
the back of the bottle.

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