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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Watching Construction of the New CVS on Guilderland Ave. & Curry Rd. in Rotterdam

I walk to the corner of Guilderland Avenue and Curry Road twice a week to watch the construction of the new CVS Pharmacy in Rotterdam.  When Eric and I arrived in April, houses on were gutted and ready to be razed.  

 The ground was prepared for construction of a new CVS.

According to a 2015 Daily Gazette article, the currently operating CVS pharmacies at Five Corners and at 2009 Guilderland Avenue will be closed after this store is opened.

The walls of the building
start to rise...

A ramp was built to allow
trucks into the building.

A worker prepares
the concrete mixer
for the day's pour.

Scaffolding goes up as
 the walls get taller.

The scaffolding gets

Pallets of bricks &
gravel wait to be used.

The brick pattern of the
building emerges.

Frueh hauls construction
debris from the site.

Girders show where the
building's roof will be.

The main entrance &
the Curry & front
walls of the store.

I wonder why one section
has been dug out.

The depression is filled
with metal tubes.

All the tubes have

I think that this area is being prepared for drainage.

Black filter fabric & gravel
cover the "drainage pipes."

The front of the store is
looking good with trim,
the CVS sign & doors.

Red awnings over the windows look sharp. Now that the building has windows and doors, I expect that the interior is being built.

I wonder how these tubes,
near the back of the store,
will be used for.

The Drive Up Prescription
window is ready for

All that's needed now is a parking lot and landscaping.

I've been told that this new CVS will open in November.

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