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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eric & I Drive Northeast to Saranac, New York

Eric & I start our drive on
New York Route 104 East.

Autumn starts to "flash"
its colors.

Signs warn drivers of
Snowmobile drivers
crossing the roadways.

We turn North onto

Eric & I drive past

Pulaski promotes the Salmon
 River, a popular place to fish
for Salmon, Trout, Bass....

Today's drive takes us East
on Interstate 781, which
bypasses Watertown.

We will take US Route 11
to avoid winding NY Route 3
 through the Adirondack

A convoy of Army vehicles
are driving south to
Fort Drum.

US Route 11 North is
also a designated
bicycle route.

The Evans Mills
water tower

 Savers sculpture

Smithers Tire Service

I wonder if Mr. Burns 
knows that Smithers
is moonlighting....

A roadside religious

The Northcountry's
John Deere dealership

Canada is that a way...

Transmission towers
loom over gently
rolling hills.

A vintage car & truck
turn south on to
US Route 11.

Cars, trucks, farm vehicles
& RVs share the road with
Amish horse drawn buggies.

This Amish buggy travels
on the road shoulder.

This slow moving vehicle does not have a reflective orange triangle on its rear to warn other drivers. Amish buggy owners have been ticketed for not attaching the bright safety symbol to their horse drawn vehicles.  Some have turned to the courts to vacate their tickets.  Their argument is the requirement to add a brightly colored symbol on the back of their vehicles violates their freedom of religion.

Malone has an airport.

A farm tractor moves
slowly through

Chateaugay Lake

It's time to shift to
a lower gear.

Saranac is just one
mile away.

We arrive at our cousins,
Barb & Terry's, house.

Let the visiting begin!

1 comment:

Barb Ducatte said...

I know all those places! We had a great time and look forward to our next visit! Hugs Barb