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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Technology Department Tour at SUNY Oswego

 Technology classrooms.

The Technology Department has trained many Technology teachers in the United States and around the world for decades.

Mark Hardy, left of the
Zamboni driver shows
John, Bill M., Earl &
myself the Technology

Earl, in the baseball hat, taught Technology classes here during his career.

John is proudly sporting
his SUNY Oswego

Go Class of '63!

John went here for Elementary School Education courses.

Some of the Tech Rooms
are massive.

This one has a rowing skull
hanging above the work

The Technology curriculum
includes study of older

Airplanes, Outboard Motors,

Ben Franklin & Thomas
Edison watch over
Technology students.

Besides training future technology teachers, the Technology Department trains private industry technology managers and supervisors.  Student artists and manual arts therapists also take classes to develop specific skills.

Depending on the materials
 used in a project, sewing
is a necessary skill.

A robot sits among
commonly used
bench tools.

There be Robots here...

Go, Robot Car, Go!

A large scale Jacks Game
waits for players.

I see robot arms in the

We thanked Mark for the tour of the Technology Department.  I can see why students interested in Technology courses select SUNY Oswego

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