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Friday, September 2, 2016

Strolling Through The Clark Art Institute's Galleries in Williamstown, Massachusetts

Eric and I stroll through the Clark Art Institute galleries.  The arrangements of the collections have changed.  Some works I remember well and others are "discoveries."

Summer Squall (1904) by

The Louvre from the Pont
Neuf (1902) by
Camille Pissarro

August Rodin's The Thinker
(cast in 1906) dominates
the gallery.

I walk around the piano,
admiring the colors &
textures of the inlaid

Snake Charmer (1879) by
Jean-Leon Gerome is a
perennial favorite.

 by Arthur Devis 

I admire the details of this bust
of  Alexandre Dumas (1873)
by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux .

I am fascinated by Offering
 (1873) by Mary Cassatt.

I am more familiar with
her Woman with Baby

This one was painted
in 1902.


Champigny, 2 December 1870
(1875 - 1877) by Alphonse de
Neuville depicts a scene from
 A war scene inside a building is an unusual motif for a painting.

Eric & I love Self-Portrait (1899)
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

(1883) is lovely.

Woody Rocky Landscape
with Mounted Peasant,
Drover & Distant Building
(1786) by Thomas Gainsborogh
needs a shorter title.

Venus for Aeneas (1756) by
me of the Prado exhibit.

Classroom (1880)

Degas also sculpted ballet dancers.

(cast 1919 - 1921)

Various Objects (1785) by
Louis-Leopold Boilly is
an unusual painting.

A bust of King Louis XV
(1745) attributed to a model
by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne,
the Younger

John the Baptist (1490) by

Today's visit to the Clark Art Institute has restored my soul.

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