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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Using Gravity to Fill the Motorhome's Water Tank

There's more than one way to add jugs of water to our motorhome's water tank.  Two years ago Eric used an electric motor to fill our water tank.  This year is different....

Eric decided to use gravity
to fill the water tank in
our motorhome.

He stacked our camp tables
before putting the 7 gallon
water jug on the top table.

The jug's water spout, with a
shut off valve, is inserted into
the water fill on the passenger
side of the motorhome.

Gravity forces water out of the jug and into the motothome.

Elevating the jug ensures
the last of the water will
run into the motorhome.

This is the simplest, non tech method for adding jugs of water to the motorhome.  

I would use the electric motor, as I am too weak to hoist 56 pounds of water
to a table at shoulder height.

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