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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eric & I Do the Deed... We Re-Cover Our Window Valences

A bit of back story....  I have grown VERY TIRED of the valences in the living space of my motorhome.  The busy ferns and blue accents discourage home decorating creativity.  

I searched the Internet for guidance with this type of project and found what I needed at Wheeling it: Living the Fulltime Dream with 12 Paws, 40 Feet and the Open Road.  Nina and Paul recovered their valences and posted their project, with step by step instructions. After reading Paul and Nina's helpful post, I felt confident that I could take on this project and do it well.  All I had to do was find the fabric I wanted and gather the needed tools for the job.

While at the Winnebago Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa last July, I discovered an assortment of fabric remnants at the Winnebago Customer Service Store.  I found a tan fabric that I liked; looked at the spooled out fabric and "imagined" the amount needed.  I bought three pieces of leftover fabric, compared the remnants to my valences and confidently decided that I had enough fabric for the project.  It sat, folded in a bag, in my bedroom closet for seven months.  As time passed, I wondered if I had purchased enough fabric.  What if I didn't have enough?  Can I piece the fabric together to make this work?  I was driving myself crazy.

The time had come...  No more imagining... No more fretting... The project begins...

Eric loosens screws that hold
 the valences in place..

The large valences take up
a lot of space on our
motorhome's floor.

We took the valences outside to our camping tables.  Thank God they are spacious.

Let's see how these uniquely
shaped frames...

... are covered.

The foam padding is in
excellent condition.

I didn't need to buy quilt batting for this project.  I washed it, and now it's mine, for keeps.

The largest valence covers
both of our camp tables.

I carefully removed the old, printed fabric from the largest valences and laid it out on the longest remnant I have.

I am starting to feel confident
that I did purchase enough

The cruel moment of truth is revealed....  The new fabric is not woven.  It's stretchy, probably a jersey type of fabric.  My carefully placed "templates" are just a guide for the new fabric, which must be stretched to snugly cover each valence.

I hand stitch the small
inset pieces for each
valence because I don't
own a sewing machine.

I start re-covering valences.

Corners are carefully folded
for a neat, finished look.

My basket of tools includes a
Sharpie, a Staple GunStaples,
a Screw Driver & a Small
Hammer to tap in partially
secured Staples.

Some sections of the valence
require Fabric Glue to hold
pieces together.

I carefully position fabric
around the inner corners
of the valence.

I didn't change the printed fabric at the back the valence.  I was worried that I would run out of fabric. This turns out to be a good choice because the printed fabric is sturdier and will make a better "anchor" than the tan fabric I am using.

I glue the lower edge of the
inset fabric to the printed 
fabric backer.

Rulers keep protect the outer
edge from being creased by
the clamps that hold the
fabrics together.

The valences are re-installed....

Eric mounts the shades
into their brackets.

The kitchen & living room
windows look neat, crisp.

This photo clearly shows the
color of the re-covered

I am adding Southwestern accents to our living area.  

The largest valence, over
the buffet

The ceramic lizard we bought
in Puerto Palomas, Mexico
clearly stands out now.

Cost of this project: Fabric: $12.00; Staple Gun: $8.97; Staples: $6.36; Hammer: $2.00; Unused Quilt Batting: $9.97.  Total:  $39.30

I am VERY pleased, both with the results AND the cost of this redecorating project.

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