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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Livestock Auction at the La Paz County Fair in Parker, Arizona

The Livestock Building is jammed with people attending the Livestock Auction.

A Blue Ribbon winning Hog
is being auctioned.

The bids are by the pound,
starting at $5.00.

This 262 pound pig is auctioned off for $10.00 per pound, for a total of $2,620.00.  Each child who raised the animal gets 93% of the auction price.  Seven percent is set aside for running the animal competitions.

The man with the cane points 
out bidders for the Auctioneer
while this Steer is being
auctioned off.

Top winning Fowls go into
the ring to be bid on.

This Lamb is being auctioned

The bid is by the pound.

Miller's Southwestern Processing
Inc. is advertising their services.

There is no word yet about the total from the Livestock Auction.  Previous years auctions have raised $300,000.00, and more.

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