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Friday, March 11, 2016

Opening Day at the La Paz County Fair in Parker, Arizona, Part I

It's opening day at the
La Paz County Fair.

 The bleachers are filled for livestock judging.

La Paz Youth Livestock thanks
Kowboy Korner for their
support of youth livestock

Judge Jordan Dooley surveys
this "crop" of Hogs.

There's a lot of Swine here.  This morning, Jordan is judging the animals on their muscularity and their fitness for market...  Errr... meat on the hoof.

Many groups of Hogs
come out for judging.

Sometimes. a Hog will
"lie down on the job."

Comfortably Numb entertains
us at the Rotary Stage.

Back to the Livestock Building...

Exhibitors are bringing
Chickens to be judged.

Several groups of six enter
the ring & display their

This is serious...

Just three Pigeons come
forward to be judged.

Everyone leaves with
a ribbon.

 But wait...  There's more...

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