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Friday, March 4, 2016

Brunch at Sweet Darlene's Restaurant & Bakery in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric and I went to Sweet Darlene's
Restaurant & Bakery for brunch.

Sweet Darlene's prides itself
on home cooking & their
fresh baked goods.

It's 10:30 am & this restaurant
is busy.

The people on the right are
looking at baked goods.

Looking around, I realize that Sweet Darlene's is a large metal building.  The walls and the ceiling are made of metal.

The walls have themed displays.

An homage to the 1950s

Honoring the US

Photos of antique cars &
license plates adorn the
wall next to the Gift Shop.

Customers browse &
purchase books here.

Need a greeting card...
This rack has a lot of
cute cards.

Our Brunch Choices:

Eric's Big Six: Two Eggs,
Two Pancakes & Bacon

My pancakes.

Brunch was delicious...  The prices were VERY reasonable.  Our bill, including tip was $14.00.  

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