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Friday, August 29, 2014

Erie Boulevard Between State Street & the General Electric Campus in Schenectady Is All New

I took this picture on
November 3, 2012.

The project was already underway.  Erie Boulevard from State Street to the Interstate 890 on ramps near the General Electric campus was being torn up. New water, sewer and electric lines were run. The road was repaved with a new traffic configuration. Federal funding is paying for the majority of the funding for this project.

This section of Erie Boulevard, once part of the Erie Canal,  was at least six lanes wide for many years. There was so much room that driving the minimally marked road was a bit confusing.  Drivers could turn anywhere, at almost any time.  With few crosswalks for pedestrians to use, Erie Boulevard was considered hazardous for people on foot.

Now Erie Boulevard is four
lanes wide with a median.

Clearly marked crosswalks and a sheltered median help pedestrians navigate this busy road.

Parking is parallel in this
section, instead of diagonal.

Just up the boulevard, there is
 diagonal parking with a curb
to separate parked cars
from the roadway.

Decorative lighting, new sidewalks
new pavement & streetscaping
improves Erie Boulevard's look.

There is now a clearly defined
turning lane.

Eric crossed State Street.

Erie Boulevard is "narrow" here
with just four lanes.

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