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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Taking Care of Business @ Laundry Land in Harlingen, Texas

The Natural Gas Line to Tropic Winds RV Resort was shut off after flooding that occurred during a downpour on Saturday, January 27, 2018.  The Laundry Room has been closed since.  The concrete sidewalk in front of the Laundry Room is being removed to fix the problem. 

Laundry is piling up in the motorhome and it's time to take care of business...

... at nearby
Laundry Land.

For a bit extra,
staff will Wash,
Dry & Fold
your laundry.

I like the
Wringer Washers,
the Iwo Jima
Monument & 
a photo of the

Local businesses post

A local weekly newspaper
& assortment of magazines
are available to keep
customers busy while
they wait for their

I arrived during a lull in activity...

Laundry Carts,
Washers & Dryers
wait for customers.

All of my clothing of
color goes into the 35
pound Washing

The white socks &
 towels go into a
 regular sized

My son, Adam, loves to carefully parse his words.  He spent years recommending that I not discuss the laundry in terms of whites and coloreds.  He prefers the term "clothing of color" 
and stating what the white laundry items are.  

Laundry Tables,
at the end of the
Washer aisles,
wait for warm
fluffy clothing
to be sorted &

The cost of doing laundry here:  $9.50 for the wash.  $4.00 for two Half Hour Dryers.  I was in and out of Laundry Land within an hour and a half.  I would be happy to return here any time to take care of business.

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