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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Won BIG at Saratoga Casino Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York

is just up the road....

There's plenty of room
to park at the Casino
Hotel on a windy day
in October.

This is our first visit to Saratoga Casino Hotel.  Built with access to the Saratoga Harness Track's Grandstand, the casino with video slot machines and hotel, formerly known as Saratoga Gaming and Raceway, opened in 2004.  

Eric and I wonder what the casino experience in New York State is like.  The casinos in smaller cities in Nevada that we've visited were kind of tired, a bit shabby.  As a nonsmoker, I noticed the air exchange systems didn't keep up with gamblers' smoking habits.

New York State doesn't allow indoor smoking in businesses that serve the public...  That's good for us.  What will this twelve year old casino look like... Tired?  Dinghy?  We'll see.

Eric & me in front of the
Saratoga Casino Hotel

The Mums are gorgeous!  The horse statues remind us that Saratoga Springs
is the place to be for Horse Racing.

Eric enjoys gambling as an activity.  I have immediate "buyers remorse," as soon as a machine ingests my money.  I just want it back.  I am horribly distracted by the music, flashing lights and nearby gamblers.  After I push the button a few times, I want to leave, with most of the money I just put in the machine.

One of several generic photos
of Slot Machines from

Visitors to Casinos are not allowed to take photos inside.

Saratoga Casino Hotel has
aisles that twist & turn with
many types of Slot Machines
available to play.

Thankfully, there's no second hand smoke to deal with.  The casino does have a slight musty smell.  The decor, walls and carpet look current.  Either the Casino very well kept up or has been rehabbed during its twelve year life span.

One of the many Electronic
Gaming Tables at Saratoga
Gaming Casino

Photo From The Boston Globe

Eric & I sat down at
 two "old style"
 slot machines.

There are just three "spools" to pay attention to.  We each inserted five dollar bills....  Eric hit his button six times.  I hit my button twice, and Beginner's Luck Struck!

The bells rang, lights

The cash counter
number on the
machine spun...

$18.76!  My $5.00 bet yielded a $13.76 payoff.  I want to cash out.  Eric's six button "hits" depleted his $5.00.  It's time to leave.


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