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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

Fort Sumter has a long history.
It is famous for being the site
of the first shots fired in the
Civil War.

Abner Doubleday served at Fort Sumter and fired the first Union shot defending the Fort during Confederate artillery bombardment on April 12, 1861.

This tiny island was built up
with granite so that a fort
could be built here to help 
protect Charleston Harbor.

Construction began in 1827.
The Fort was unfinished when
Major Anderson brought troops
here on December 26, 1860.

The Park Ranger gave a brief
overview of Fort Sumter &
its role in the Civil War.

The ruins of the Officers Quarters
located at the Gorge Wall of
the fort.

This plaque was erected in
memory of Union Troops
defending the Fort during
the bombardment in April 1862.

100 Pounder Parrott Cannon
were discovered during the
excavation of Fort Sumter.
They were installed in the 1870s.

The gun embrasure for the cannon 
to aim to defense of the Fort.

Eric looks at the shell embedded
in the wall of the Fort.

The black construction is
Battery Isaac Huger.

This was constructed in 1898-1899
for the Spanish American War.

It houses the Fort's Museum.

A model of Fort Sumter
April 1861.

Eric and Mary looking out
at the harbor from the Fort.

Eric, on the ferry, as we 
prepare to leave Fort Sumter.

I love visiting historic sites!

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