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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Breakfast @ Foothills Eatery & Spirits in Yuma, AZ

Eric, in front of

We've never eaten 
breakfast in a bar.

A Man
Walks Into
 A Bar...

Curtains decorate
the interior

The Bar

License Plates
cover the

Balloons float
over CHEERS,
with hearts

Red & white lanterns
join balloons hanging
from the ceiling.

The rough-hew
wooden wall is
decorated with
a mantle, candles...

Eric digs into his Veggie
Skillet with Home Fries
& Toast.

My 1+1+1 -
One Egg, One Slice of
Bacon, One Pancake

I stole a piece of toast
 from Eric.

Our breakfasts were VERY good.  Next time I'm going to get something served in a skillet.

After we got the bill, Eric and I looked around for a person and a cash register.  The server saw this and directed us to the Dining Room.

This is the Diner

I took this picture
because the counter
was empty.

All the tables were filled with customers and I try very hard not to take pictures of people in public places.

Baked Goods are
chilled & ready
 to go.

There's another

There's room for 16

Children leave their
artwork for others
to admire.

Eric and I are "fueled up" and ready for our drive west to Salton City, California.

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