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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Our New Neighborhood: BLM Land North of Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric and I were happy to see brilliant sunshine after our cold night camped off of Plomosa Road.  The nighttime low was 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let's stretch our legs, explore a bit and talk with our neighbors.

Looking west, along Plomosa
Road toward Arizona State 
Route 95

Looking east toward Bouse

There we are, off in
the distance.

A rocky "curb" was built by grading the rocky strip of land adjacent to Plomosa Road.

A close up of the "curb."

This section has been in
place long enough for
vegetation to grow.

I stopped to carefully inspect
this bleached root from a

At first glance, I thought I
found the remains of a
human forearm & hand

The overall terrain is relatively
flat & very rocky.

Water travels along shallow
channels as this land drains
after a rainstorm.

Trees & brush grow along 

Eric and I refer to these areas of growth as hedgerows.

A panoramic shot of our closest neighbors

Many of them are Xscapers.  They live and work "on the road."  Escapees founders Joe and Kay Peterson founded Escapees RV Club as they traveled the country and worked while raising their family.  Xscapers are following in the Peterson's tire tracks.  

This 5th Wheel Trailer has
a rear porch.

A RZR drives by.

The motorhome on the
right has an impressive
array of solar panels.

A 1970s GMC Canyon Land 
Motorhome with an interesting
looking motorcycle.

We must investigate....

a scooter....  Oops.

The slideouts on this
5th Wheel are peaked,
not flat.

The owners of this Blue Bird
Bus have rooftop storage.

The owners of this unique
Travel Trailer bought an old
Trailer, tore it down to its
frame & created their
mobile home.

The Truck with Truck Camper,
on the left, is towing a trailer
as long as it is. 

The largest Pop-Up Trailer
I've ever seen is parked
about a hundred yards
from its closest neighbor.

Our neighbors will change during our stay north of Plomosa Road.  Xscapers are moving on to Lake Havasu.  A group from Montana and Escapee Boomers are camping in this area soon.

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