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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Strolling Along El Paseo in Desert Palm, California

The search for delicious Thai Food
 brought Eric & me to El Paseo

After lunch, we decided to take a walk.

Free Parking is an unexpected
bonus in this business area.

An El Paseo Courtesy Cart is
parked in front of Try My

This is a great public service.  

I admire the lions in front of

Whimsical Artwork in
the roadway median

A decorative walkway
leads to The Gardens

Tiffany & Co.

A shaded seating area...


... adjacent to the 
Christmas Tree

Eric an I return to El Paseo.

A sculpture in the median

Johnny Was has a pretty

Travel is about learning.  As a native New Yorker, I was under the impression that Palm Springs was the exclusive, wealthy community in South Central California.  Apparently, Palm Desert is doing well enough to attract Tiffany's and Saks 5th Avenue.

One of...

... two sedans getting
lots of attention.

The SUV has rear
Gull Wing Doors.

A salesman told me that the SUV can be towed, four wheels down.  Could this be our next tow vehicle?  No way!  I couldn't take it off-roading.

The plants in the 
median are beautiful.

A Christmas Wreath is on
display behind the statue 
of a caped boy riding a
paper airplane.

This sphere is beautiful in
its simplicity.

Dine al fresco at Le Paon 
Restaurant above the 

Another whimsical

Pink Club has some
fun items.

To Relieve Stress I Do Yoga
Just Kidding I Drink Wine
In My Yoga Pants

Oops! Did I Buy Vodka
Instead Of Mild Again?

Eric & I find love on
El Paseo in Palm Desert.

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